Commercial Diving Specialists

J&J Diving Corporation welcomes you

We are proud to give our customers the best commercial diving services available.


We owe our great success to the personal commitment and attentive listening we give to our customers. Our customers know that we do what we say we are going to do.


We would like to take this opportunity to express our company’s excitement about 2008. We have recently moved into our new 19,000 square foot shop facilities on Engineers Road in Belle Chasse, Louisiana, and are busy gearing up with new equipment and training our personnel to provide exceptional diving services on time, on budget, and as safely as humanly possible. We are an established commercial diving company celebrating 8 years of operation in 2008, with impeccable records in both safety and customer satisfaction; we are confident that we will meet or exceed your standards in what you expect from a diving services vendor.


Please review our site and learn how J&J Diving Corporation can provide you with safe and effective service.  We provide a complete array of underwater construction, survey, engineering and inspection services. Our highly trained and experienced personnel use the latest equipment and updated procedures to complete each job to your schedule and satisfaction.


Unlike some of our competitors, there are no hidden costs when you do business with J&J Diving Corporation; we are upfront about any changes in pricing, keeping you in the loop and within budget. You will find our pricing extremely competitive as we do not have to keep stockholders happy and all of our equipment is owned outright, therefore we gladly pass the savings due to our low overhead on to our customers.


J&J Diving Corporation can be anywhere, anytime to complete your projects from 0’ to 300’ feet of sea water, we can also provide you with a custom package shallow water, deep air and mixed gas dive teams, as well as, State approved Site Clearance.

24 hour response